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We are now taking bookings for all courses starting in April 2017.

"When I saw the film Swallows and Amazons I thought sailing’s for me, but didn’t have a clue how to get started. I found a boat for sale, and bought a wooden Gull Mark 1 dinghy with a Günter rig – the mast is in two halves, not that it made much sense to me! Her sail number was 852. I didn’t have any sailing lessons, but found a club that sailed Gulls and went from there. Talk about messing about in boats – I was truly struggling. I bought some “Learn to Sail” books and gradually it began to made sense. Looking back, I really enjoyed learning to sail, getting out on the water and messing about in my boat. I was hooked. Sailing’s such a liberating experience – sitting on the side of the boat with the wind driving the sails – a truly aesthetic activity.

How different it is today, there are RYA training centres offering “learn to sail courses” with trained sailing instructors. In two days you can achieve what took me two months to learn."

Brian Whyte
Wembley Sailing Club, RYA Training Centre

New to sailing and wondering if it's the sport for you? Find out by taking our RYA Level 1 course "Introduction to Sailing" which over two days will give you a good idea why sailing's an exciting sport to take part in.

WSC teaches RYA Levels 1, 2 and Seamanship. The HSS is a certified RYA Training Centre. Courses are run on two consecutive Sundays between 9am – 5pm. We run eight courses per year with the first course starting in early April. We use the RS Vision dinghy for training, which is ideally suited with a reefed mainsail allowing us to sail in most wind conditions. Each boat has two trainees and a qualified RYA instructor. Buoyancy aids are provided and a safety boat is on standby throughout your time on the water.

Each course takes 14 students. Applicants who intend joining the club get priority on course places. The HSS is wholly owned by WSC.

To see the sailing school on the water, click here.

For children's courses click here.

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  Adult course dates 2017 Level 1 Level 2 Seamanship  
  Course 1               9th & 16th April Places Places Places  
  Course 2               23rd & 30th April Places Places Places  
  Course 3               14th & 21st May Places Places Places  
  Course 4               4th & 11th June Places Places Places  
  Course 5               2nd & 9th July Places Places Places  
  Course 6               23rd & 30th July Places Places Places  
  Course 7               13th & 20th August Places Places Places  
  Course 8               3rd & 10th September Places Places Places  
  RYA Level 1  

The RYA Level 1 course is designed as an introduction to sailing. You will learn how to rig a boat, launching and recovery, sail setting, helming and boat safety to RYA standards. Providing the conditions are suitable, by lunchtime on the second day, you and your fellow trainee should be sailing without an instructor. At the end of the course (providing that you have made satisfactory progress) you will be issued with an RYA Level 1 certificate.  

  RYA Level 2  

Take your sailing skills learnt on the Level 1 course further with a RYA Level 2 course. Rigging, launching, sailing in all directions, capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge are covered in greater detail. At the end of the course you will be able to sail and make decisions in good conditions. If you pass you will be issued with an RYA Level 2 certificate.

  Seamanship Course  

With sailing skills to the standard of the Level 2 course, on the Seamanship course you’ll learn to handle a boat in all conditions and solve problems afloat. Launching and recovering the boat in different circumstances, stopping, reducing sail, recovering a man overboard and anchoring are all covered. With this qualification you’ll be able to handle a wide range of situations afloat.

  Power Boat Course  

We run a RYA Power Boat Level 2 course where you’ll learn to handle a powerboat safely. Once you’ve completed this you’ll be eligible to take the RYA Safety Boat course (there is no charge for club members). With these two certificates you’re qualified to helm the safety boat during club racing.

  Course Fees 2016 ....(2017 fees will be confirmed in November)  

You will probably have noticed the high cost of sail tuition, £240 plus for RYA Level 1 course at many sailing schools. This is because courses are labour intensive. We have recognised that although it is a fair price, we should do our bit to make it more affordable.

As a special deal to club members or potential club members we only charge £125 for the full two day RYA Level 1 course (certificate included in fee). Not sure if you like sailing? Pay £195 per course (join the club after the course and get £70 off club membership).

  RYA course – Club members £125    
  RYA course – Non members £195    
  Powerboat course  RYA PW2 – Club members £170    
  Powerboat course  RYA PW2 – Non members £230    
  Children's RYA course £87.50    
  Payment methods  

Bank Transfer
Our bank details are Wembley Sailing Club, HSBC, sort code 40 45 27 account number 32126524. Please email a completed booking form back to us with confirmation of payment.

If you have a PayPal account then use the ‘Pay for goods or services’ option with our email address Please email a completed booking form back to us with confirmation of payment.

You can pay your fees in cash at the club.

You can pay by cheque payable to Wembley Sailing Club. Please print and attach your cheque to the booking form and send to the address bottom right on the booking form.

  How to apply  

Download a booking form here and email it here once completed.

  Training Voucher  

The training voucher is for a RYA training course to be taken on one of the 8 sailing courses.

With a birthday or Christmas in the offing, then a sailing voucher will make and ideal gift. The training voucher will be personalized for your spouse or friend.