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About us
First race: Start sequence at 10am
Second race: Start sequence at noon
Start sequence at 7pm
  Sequence Sound Signal Clock Flag Up Flag Down  
Merlin & MRX 6 minute
Start clock on third hoot
3 hoots
flag 1  
Merlin & MRX 3 minute
Laser 6 minute
1 hoot
flag 2  
Merlin & MRX start
Laser 3 minutes
RS200 6 minute
1 hoot
flag 3 flag 1
Laser start
RS200 6 minute
GP14 & Firefly 6 minute
1 hoot
flag 4 flag 6
RS200 start
GP14 & Firefly 3 minute
1 hoot
  flag 3
GP14 & Firefly start
1 hoot
  flag 8
  Other Signals  
Abandonment Hoist flag 3 hoots Flag 9  
Postponement Hoist flag 1 hoot
Lower flag 1 hoot
Warning signal (6 minute) 1 minute after lowering flag
Flag 10  
Shorten Course

Hoist flag 2 hoots
Fly with class flag to shorten specific class

Flag 11  
Change Course Hoist flag 1 hoot    
General Recall Class flag up 2 hoots
New start 3 minutes after GP14
Individual Recall Class flag held at dip
1 hoot
Signing on
Don't forget to sign on before each race. Signing on sheets can be found in the starting hut. Failure to sign on may result in you not getting a finish.

Race time limits (discretionary)

Retire boats not finishing within 45 minutes of leading boat.
Retire boats not finishing within 2 hours of the start.

Race duration
The length of the race for the leading boats should be in the region of 1 hour 10 minutes.
The Race Officer should aim to have finished all boats in the first race on Sunday morning by 11:40am.

Sound horn as each boat crosses the line.