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About us

All members of WSC are expected to undertake duties for the club. These are Duty Officer, Race Officer, Assistant Race Officer, Safety Boat Driver and Safety Boat Assistant. Duties are allocated online using the Dutyman system with dates arranged to suit you. Members usually do about three duties a year.

For members new to sailing, club duties help you understand how the racing is organised and are a great opportunity to see things from the water.

Duty Swaps
Please remember that if you cannot attend your duty, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap. This responsibility does not end when you request a swap. You must follow through and check that someone has agreed to your requested swap.
The online Duty Roster provides a facility which allows you to request swaps via email. Multiple requests can be sent out as only the first positive response will be accepted. Alternatively, a swap can be arranged verbally, however, please ensure that the swap is confirmed via the online roster so that everyone else is informed. If you receive a request to swap a duty, please help out if you can.


Do your duty... it's fun!

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