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   1st August 2017 – 31st March 2018




If you are an existing member and your details have not changed, only fill in your name, BOAT DETAILS,  and the fees section.







       Main Member applicant (parent if your child is a member



First Name
















Date of Birth





Additional family members eg     wife, husband, partner

If you have a Family Membership – Include here details of the above and sailing children

Does the partner sail?









First Name










Date of Birth


Profession/Student ID



Child 1

Child 2

Child 3

Child 4














Date Birth








3.         BOAT DETAILS

         Only boats that you bring to the harp




Sail number


Boat 1




Boat 2




Boat 3




Boat 4





CASC  see note on page 3

Do you intend to participate in sailing ( which ncludes duties) at least 12 times in the year if yes please tick




1.         DUTIES         

DUTIES ARE COMPULSORY (although you will only be rostered to be an assistant), if you are physically capable.  Duties are Assistant Race officer or Assistant Safety boat crew

Duties not required for - Junior, Social, Out of port, associate, honorary members and members paid to opt-out.

If you are holding a RYA  powerboat or safety boat certificate please state below



Main applicant


RYA Powerboat 2



RYA Safety Driver







FEES - Fill in the relevant information below



Membership type




Full adult over 25



Full senior (over 60)

Family Senior




Full family mum,dad plus children



Full student/young adults 18 – 25years of age



Full junior requires an adult to be a social or full member of WSC



Associate Member Sailing




Social parent member



Social partner



Out of port














     Boat Licence

     Trailer Licence

60 per Adult boat

Number of Adult Boats


30 per Junior boat

Number of Junior Boats


10 per Trailer

Number of Trailers






Opt out of duties 80








The sum of sections 1,2,3 and 4



Payment Options Please put X in box to indicate method of payment


Bank transfer




             Sort Code   40 45 27

Account number   32126524




Post to the treasurer

Colin Brockbank       

49 woodland drive Watford

wd17 3by

With the name of all members


on the back

by Paypal


Recipient is




If you are paying by bank transfer or Paypal then you can email this membership form to bcmbership@gmail.com, if by cheque, attach form with cheque and send to the treasurer as above

I agree to my details being held on computer to be used solely for Club administration. I shall notify the committee by separate letter if I object to my details being used or published within the Club. I declare that I shall maintain valid insurance covering me and my family for third party claims whilst sailing my own boat at Wembley Sailing Club. I agree to observe the rules of the club and accept the risks associated with sailing dinghies at Wembley Sailing Club. I have read the heath risks as outlined on page three.

Members signature



Parents authority for applicants under 18 including Junior Family Members: I hereby authorise Wembley Sailing Club to accept the children named above as members. I accept the statements concerning the limit of the clubs liability printed and the health risks printed below.

Parents signature








Terms amd Conditions – you keep this page

Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)

Your club has been granted CASC status, as such there are benefits in that we get reductions in rates also there are tax benefits, one of a number of conditions is that CASC status is only granted to a club were their members participate in the sport either as in our case sailing (leisure or racing) or doing duties associated with the sport eg officiating in club racing in any capacity

We meet these conditions, but at least 50% of our total members (which includes social) must do 12 sailing or duties per year, this will change for new members as we move through the year

There is a box on page 1 of the membership form for you to tick to say that you can comply

Limitation of Club Liability

Members, their guests or visitors may use the club facilities, entirely at their own risk and in so doing accept the following conditions:

General exclusion of liability

       The club accepts no liability for damage or loss of personal property whilst at the club.

       The club accepts no liability for personal injury arising out of the use of the club facilities or the actions of any club member.

       Before inviting any guests or visitors to the premises or to participate in events organised by the club, members will draw their attentions to this rule. N.B: Such visitors must be signed in using the Visitors Book.

Health Risks

       The water in the Welsh Harp Reservoir may contain blue-green algae or Leptospirosis (Weils disease); certain health risks may exist. The secretary may from time to time post notices on the club notice board advising of such risks. Wembley Sailing Club shall not accept any liability for any such health risks.

Racing/Leisure Sailing

It must be recognised that sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in the course you agree and acknowledge that:

(i)You are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and you accept responsibility exposing yourself to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the sailing course;

(ii)You will comply at all times with the sailing instructions particularly with regard to handling of boats, wearing of buoyancy aids (if requested)  and the wearing of suitable clothing for the conditions;

(iii) You accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by your own negligence;

iv)  You will not participate in an event if your ability to crew a dinghy is impaired by alcohol, drugs or whilst  otherwise unfit to participate;

(v) Moreover, every competitor is responsible for his boat(s) whilst at the club.

Boat Licenses

       It is a condition laid down by the WHSA (the governing body of the Harp) that boat licenses are only issued to fully paid up members of a constituent club.

       Boat Licenses for existing members are due on 1st April each year and for new members when they join and bring their boat to the club.  Boats kept in the dinghy park must display their licence on the mast above the cover, or when this is not practical as in a Laser then on the stern of the boat.

       Boats are not allowed to be sailed or to gain points in any race series prior to the purchase of a licence (you have until 30th April before this comes into force, but if you havent paid by then any points gained prior to 30th April will be lost).

       Unlicensed boats remaining on a berth must be removed from the site by 30th April.

       Boats kept at home and brought to the Harp to race or sail still require a license, except for Open Meetings.

       The license is to sail on the Harp and not keep your boat in the dinghy park.

Boat Insurance

       Members are responsible for the safety and management of their own boats

       Boat owners must have suitable insurance covering all boats kept or used at the club. This must provide third party cover up to a minimum of 2,000,000

Provision of rescue facilities

       The Sailing Club will provide safety boat cover during all scheduled club activity. At all other times Members shall organise their own safety cover; the clubs facilities are available for such purpose for qualified helms


       Club boats may only be used by full members when a manned rescue boat is on the water

Junior members

       Parents and guardians accept that the club is only able to provide rescue facilities during the hours of organised club sailing.

       At all other times parents and guardians have sole responsibility for arranging suitable rescue facilities for their children and wards.

       Junior members shall wear approved buoyancy aids whilst afloat or on the pontoons. Parents shall supervise their children at all times whilst on club premises unless under the supervision of a nominated adult, the club will not provide any childcare facilities.


       As a condition of membership each member shall carry out some during the year.

       To be excluded from rostered duties, there is a fee of 80 per member.

       Members will be allocated duties via the Dutyman system. Members will be reminded of any forthcoming duty on multiple occasions via email.

       Race Officer – Experienced sailors, who have knowledge of the racing rules and know how to run a race for multiple sailing fleets.

       Safety Boat Driver – Minimum qualifications - RYA powerboat level 2, ideally combined with the RYS safety boat qualification.

       Assistants – Either Assistant to the Race Officer, or Safety Boat Driver. Do not require any experience, you will be instructed on the day.

       By signing or sending this form by email to the club you accept the terms and conditions